How to adjust the rearview mirrors to eliminate blind spot

A car with three rear view mirrors, every car owners one day need to see them about one hundred times, but ask a simple question: How do you adjust the car’s rearview mirror? Can you tell the reason? Maybe everyone has different driving habits, but how to adjust the rearview mirror, there are still certain rules.


Adjust the left mirror essentials: the horizontal midline placed rearview mirrors, and then put the car body transferred to the edge of the rearview mirror occupies 1/4.


Right side mirror adjustment essentials: the horizontal line placed 2/3 position rearview mirror, and then put the edge of car body transferred to the mirror image occupies 1/4.


Central mirrors adjustment essentials: horizontal pendulum in the middle. Placed on the distant horizon across the midline central rearview mirror, and then move around, put your own image on the right ear just left edge of the mirror.


The car might be little more blind spots than you imagine, is not able to cover a mere three mirrors is maintained, so in terms of switching lanes or left, turn right, or in the case of determining safe looking back at one under it! There were a lot of concept cars using the camera to grasp the situation periphery of the car, but it seems that the features are not and thin mirror, every production cars are still obediently put on the rearview mirror. Even one of the main sources of the left and right rear-view mirror is driving wind noise, but also because in the outermost position on both sides of the body and are particularly vulnerable to collision damage, has long been a lot of automotive engineers are eager to replace it with another feature function, but so far, no one depot do it; either Mercedes or BMW.


Proper mirror position


So what exactly is in the left, right, and three mirrors should be how to adjust the center of the windshield? The first is adjusts the standard sitting posture, and adjusts the mirror again.


First, the central rearview mirror: left, right position adjustment to the left edge of the mirror to just cut himself in the mirror image of the right ear of the occasion, which means that, under normal driving conditions, from the central rearview mirror can’t see to own, and the upper and lower position is the center of the distant horizon mirror can be placed.


Second, the left side of the mirror: the upper and lower position of the distant horizon in the center, left and right to adjust the position of the mirror in the body occupies the range of 1/ 4.


Third, the right side of the mirror: Because the driver’s seat on the left side , so the driver control the car to the right ear is not so easy, sometimes coupled with the need for on-street parking, on the right side mirror adjustment, lower position to a large area of the ground, about mirror 2/3. The left and right body position is adjusted to account for the same 1/ 4 area can be.


To get the maximum effect after viewing angles, adjust as described above is the most correct.


Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information:

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Rainy day driving tips and precautions

When the storm struck, your car ready for it? How come the anti- storm winds, these techniques described below zero can help you prevent your car to avoid the accident occurred when the storm days traveling.


1, check the windshield wipers.


Because of heavy rain days this is your eye, very important, especially at night when the rain hit travel, good wipers your driving safety guarantee.


2, driving rainstorm day must keep enough distance between vehicles, control traffic speed.


Rainy Day, it will be very slippery roads, car tires and the ground adhesion will decrease, there will be slip phenomenon. If the speed is too fast, the inertial force increases , the case of an emergency, the braking distance longer than the good weather of 20% -40 %, the braking effect decreased significantly, increasing the chance of accidents, so you must control the speed , while ensuring adequate car distance to cope with emergency situations occur.


3, encounter where there is stagnant water don’t rush to escape, to give back the vehicle driver reaction time.


If you see water on the flash or immediately hit the brakes to slow down, eager to avoid a vehicle traveling behind will react less prone to accidents. Visual depth can, under normal circumstances, if more than 15cm water depths to normal speed can be. Control the throttle when wading, non- violent throttle engine load caused the surge in short, to avoid stalling the engine or tire slippage.


4, the fourth teach you a very practical approach, looking for a hose set in the rear exhaust pipe, bent above the water surface to prevent water poured into the exhaust pipe; fuel tank refueling port dipstick hole and other vent engines should use waterproof bandage material clogging.


5, downhill takes control direction.


After the first calm , do not hit the brakes, the brakes if a very easy to slip and lose direction of travel , and timely closing the throttle, the clutch pedal, maintaining the status quo to run short , the wheels have to be re- grip feel, control good direction.


6, when the last heavy rain to wipers transferred to the fastest, do not overtake.


Final recommendations are the majority of owners, under heavy rain, the weather could not be better not to go out to go out, after heavy rain driving is a dangerous thing.


Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Autel MaxisysAutel maxidas DS708Autel Maxidiag MD802

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Woven velvet seats clean ways and Drive skills in special circumstances

Woven velvet seats clean and Conservation ways

Fabric seats, disposal is relatively simple. Woven velvet seats are not dirty, used a long-haired brush and a strong suction vacuum cleaner with one side brush seat while using suction vacuum cleaner sucked out the dirt. For particularly dirty seats, cleaning will be carried out the following steps: First, wash the dirty topical hair brush, dipped in a small amount of neutral detergent solution and then with a clean cloth and wipe the seat in case of a comprehensive semi-dry surface and finally again with a vacuum cleaner to clean the seat and remove excess moisture.


You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. If dust condenses on velvet or difficult to remove you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the first swipe with a delicate brush and then vacuumed.


With a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the fiber, the fiber is then thoroughly dry the seat, if flannel is still dirty, use a mild soap and warm water to clean, and then thoroughly dried.


If the stain does not come out clean, try to market to sell fiber cleaning agent. In less obvious position before using this cleaner to make sure it does not have a negative effect on the flannel. To be used according to the instructions of this cleaning agent.


Usually it is best not to eat in the car, not eating is not sure to pay attention, do not let the food fine slag dropped on the seat, in order to avoid the breeding of mites or other microorganisms to produce odor.


Driving skills in special circumstances

The merits of the running car would the life of vehicles, safety and economy have a major impact, it can’t be underestimated. Do check and maintenance, in addition to improving the quality of the above-mentioned run- cold start, we must also pay attention to the following aspects of the problem while driving:


1, the limit set: the new car cannot be always drive, carrying rate should be less than 90%, and choose a flat road.


2, speed limit: strict enforcement of driving regulations injury, does not run too fast, driving skills must not exercise at this time, rush rushing.


3, the slow speed start, slow refueling, slow brake, timely shift: Try to avoid the emergency brake, otherwise it will not only make the running of the braking system has been hit hard and the chassis will increase the impact load on the engine. It was customary in the other car, waiting to hang a step on the clutch, or pick a gap still stepping on the clutch. This habit will cause the clutch to wear a long time in the state. Traveling in a vehicle break- in should be gradual, starting with the most low and gradually add upscale place, must not use high-end digital low speed, high speed or low position. And frequently changes gear, do not use a stall long journey.


4, strict control of temperature, always check the transmission, drives axle and hub temperatures.


Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Launch X431 Diagun 3, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want know some car maintenance information, please click the below information:

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Recommendations On Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Many owners will have the same problem: When my “check engine light” is on, what should I do? If I continue to drive it, it will do further damage to my car?

Many cars dashboard is cluttered light and buzzer. These lights are colorful, different colors represent different potential problems. When you start the car lights are used should be turn on and the computer to verify that each component is working properly, then light turn off. You need to care about is a few minutes after the car start has still illuminated lights. Check engine or service engine light is on there will be a thorny issue. Therefore, have an automotive diagnostic toolwill let you save with the number of automotive diagnostic time and money.

Now I want to introduce some convenient and cheaper car diagnostic to you. Such as: Launch DBScar, Launch CRP129 Creader, Launch X431 GDS, launch x431 diagun and so on.

Automotive diagnostic code with different combinations, different codes represent different fault. When the computer detects the code required to diagnose cause of the problem. These problems will affect the speed control, braking, fuel delivery, parking timing and the start system, through the car diagnostic systems, OBD computer will look for the error code.

These codes are called fault code or service code, same with the previously mention, each code represents a different fault. Definition and interpretation of the code can be found in the instruction manual. Generally automotive diagnostic tool are covered a lot of car models, a diagnostic tool can diagnose many car models. Suitable models can also be seen in the manual.

Through manual you can clearly understand your cars error code definitions. This is professional automotive diagnostic equipment, which connects onboard computer can read your data to help you find the fault code. When you get the error code, you have two ways to fix it. One way is find the cause of the error and then fix it by yourself the other is to find a nearby service station maintenance professionals to repair it. This will help you avoids professional dishonest recommendations, and save time and money.

If you try to fix it by yourself, please note that a problem may have one, two or more causes. You need to test a series of problem and you can find ways which write in the manual. If you have a knowledgeable friend, is a vehicle maintenance division that is the best, so you can send him the errors code, you can get some of his proposals.
Launch X431 GDS
Launch CRP129 Creader
Launch X431 Diagun

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The principles about new car break- in

New car needs maintenance? Many people might answer “no.” On the contrary, the answer given by automotive experts not only “Yes”, and requires special “care.” Experts remind owners, especially new owners, a new car only to maintain, but also require you to carefully care. Experts said: “Of course, bought a new car need to take care of and the first step are to take care of the car so the car run-in.” Car break-in period as the athletes participating in the warm-up exercise before, the purpose is to make the car to adapt to the environment of the various components functions the ability to adjust the upgrade. “A good beginning is half the battle,” the running of the car is good or bad will give the life of vehicles, safety and economy have a major impact.

Car Maintenance Mistakes

New cars don’t need maintenance. Especially new drivers, always feel the car is new, don’t need maintenance; while more people, conscious maintenance new car, but they can’t find a good way to maintenance. In fact the new car is most need maintenance, if new cars don’t maintenance, after two or three years will become an old car. Some people think the cars have problems then repair, maintenance useless. The car has problem send to a repair shop but unwilling do maintenance. Not only waste repairs fee but the car was also more frequent appear problems. “Only drive, do not maintenance a car” of driving habits, will greatly damage the engine, a direct result of the slow speed, engine noise, fuel consumption is high and many other problems.

Run-in period using

In the run-in period of use of the car, you should follow the following basic principles:

(1) reduce load: car loaded run-in period should not exceed the amount of 75% of the rated load. New car should be below the specified load carrying capacity or the number, ever not overloaded, because overloading will increase the burden on the engine, transmission, drive train, suspension systems and other components, increased wear and tear on the vehicle damage.

(2) the choice of quality lubricants: Choose low viscosity and high-quality lubricants, friction surfaces can get good lubrication, reduce engine wear.

(3) rational use of oil: to try to add good quality petrol (gasoline label is not necessarily very high, but it must be clean).

Since the car is in the run-in period, too large loads and high speeds, will impact the car is increased. Not only did not reduce the roughness, but also cause damage to the part. To trample accelerator acceleration, is actually instantly let the engine work under heavy load it is easy due to the impact caused by wear and tear.

Run-in period of driving a new car, new car owners should very careful to treat the car, in order to make your car a smooth transition to the normal phase.

Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxidiag MD802, Autel maxidas DS708, Launch X431 Diagun 3 and so on. If you want know some car maintenance information, please click the below information:

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Multifunction automotive diagnostic tool- Autel DS708

There comes a period in each and every car’s existence it needs to go through the dirty word of vehicle check-ups, the diagnostic. A diagnostics test could be pricey to do, however, many occasions it is the only sure way to determine which is really wrong using the vehicle. To perform a diagnostics test, the vehicle is generally connected to some giant machine also it understands through a number of tests what’s wrong, or right, using the vehicle.


Fortunately, in present day modern day of technology, the diagnostics tools go from huge computer systems to small handheld products that may affix to the particular controls from the vehicle it’s testing. This is when the MaxiDAS DS708 Tool is available in. This small diagnostic scan tool is becoming crucial in many shops which are searching in order to save space.

A few of from the enhanced options that come with the Autel DS708 diagnostic scanner is the opportunity to effectively identify over 30 different makes of car, both domestic and foreign – including Asian models too. It can make a complete sweep of all of the vehicle’s electronic systems. The brand new Autel uses new and enhanced Home windows CE operate system to help keep the rate from the scan at top gear whatsoever occasions.

This workshop equipment comes outfitted with USB ports to hook up with we’ve got the technology associated with a vehicle, as well as uses built-in Wi-Fi to hook up with the shop’s computer systems without a lot of difficult and in the manner wiring back and forth from the device.

The outcomes of the vehicle diagnostic will frequently have informative charts and knowledge that should be seen and printed. Because of the Autel DS708′s 7 inch screen and 480 pixel vast screen, the charts are readable towards the specialist and they may be sent via Wi-Fi towards the shop’s printer for fast no-hassle printing any place in the store.

Two dangers which have, until lately, been around for that specialist throughout a diagnostic exam are the vehicle may overload the device, or vice-versa, and, the diagnostic device might be broken through the tech. Within the new diagnostic scan tools, it has been considered by integrating an over-current protector. This kill switch keeps the device and vehicle from taking any electrical damage.

On the top of the, to avoid any harm to the unit through accidental drops or collisions, the brand new Autel is made to be shop-tough. It features a unique ergonomic design that sports multilayered rubber protection as well as an extra strong housing to safeguard it from user damage.

Another fantastic aspect which makes the MaxiDAS DS708 Tool one step over the old, as well as a few of the new, is its new memory abilities. The brand new DS708 remember fondly the past automobiles it’s already scanned to find out or no new problems have happened because the last diagnostic.

The brand new diagnostic scans tool striking the marketplace is only going to be affordable, simpler to make use of, safer, and much more accurate than in the past. Creating the brand new Autel DS708 might be your shop’s greatest mistakes.

MaxiDAS DS708 Tool

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Teach you proper use of antifreeze

(1) engine cooling system must be carefully cleaned before add antifreeze. This is because there is antifreeze added detergents and cleaning agents, if not for the engine cooling system be carefully cleaned directly after adding antifreeze, the engine cooling system antifreeze in contact with any original scale off before use to make antifreeze liquid becomes turbid, thickens, and even color, taste , severe clogging pipes, waterways or precipitation in the lower part of the tank bent parts, resulting in poor heat dissipation, antifreeze cannot be recycled, resulting in engine temperature. To prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, antifreeze before filling, use 10% aqueous solution of caustic immersion tanks one hour, and then discharge fluid, and then repeatedly washed with softened water 2-3 times to remove the engine cooling system of the deposited, after flushing then filling antifreeze.

(2) before filling the antifreeze should to check for the car engine cooling system whether have leakage, if have immediately remove leakage before use the antifreeze.

(3) prohibits direct filling the antifreeze liquor. Some drivers and maintenance personnel think that antifreeze the purer the better, ethylene glycol concentrations bigger the better, and direct filling antifreeze liquor, so not only don’t meet the requirements of antifreeze on the freezing point, but there will be some unexpected phenomena such as antifreeze deterioration, large concentrations of high density, low viscosity increases and the emergence of the phenomenon of higher engine temperatures. Therefore, when using antifreeze liquor must be modulated according to the requirements, prohibit the direct use.

(4) the use of antifreeze to implement regular inspections. Antifreeze is usually valid for four years, so there is continuity in use. To reduce waste, do not arbitrarily replace the antifreeze filling. However, the response to the implementation of the use of antifreeze checked regularly scheduled items. Can be combined with seasonal maintenance annually antifreeze checked. Inspection should include checking the freezing point , the proportion of checks , but also deal with the use of antifreeze visual inspection , found that the proportion increases, antifreeze thickens, freezing rise , and antifreeze becomes turbid , bad, taste , foam, and other timely replacement.

(5) different manufacturers produced antifreeze cannot be mixed. Mix will lead to corrosion of the engine and the tank.

There are some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Launch X431 Diagun 3, Autel maxidas DS708, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want know some car maintenance information, please click the below information:

Launch X431 Diagun 3Autel maxidas DS708Autel Maxidiag MD802

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Tips to Repair Your Car Yourself

Have you ever meet with some problems with your car while there isn’t any other can help you to fix it? Or don’t think that it can be pretty painful to pay a mechanic for car maintenance or repair? However, if you know where to look for auto repair and maintenance, there’s a lot you can do on your own to save your car and your wallet. Here are some useful tips to get it running smooth without paying a mechanic to do it.

Before you begin to repair your car, I want to say, you can firstly learn about some automotive diagnostic tools like MaxiDAS DS708 ToolMaxiDAS DS708 Tool. Car diagnostic tools run the gamut from low tech gear that you might already have in your toolbox to the prohibitively expensive equipment used by professional automotive technicians. The two main categories of high-tech car diagnostic tools are code reader and scan tools.. The most basic computer diagnostic tools are simple code readers, which mean that they can pull codes from your car’s computer.

as for the software mentioned above, it can interface with a vehicle’s engine control computer (ECU) to provide real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting data. It can reset the check engine light (CEL) in the dashboard, pull trouble codes stored in the ECU, and narrow down potential causes for problems. It is used with the ignition key in the accessory position for some purposes, but the engine can also be running for advanced troubleshooting. This makes the software particularly useful for logging real-time data.

In fact, we can find a lot of guides from many car forums and similar websites.AutoMD and Expert Village are both excellent resources of general purpose videos, how-to guides, and diagnostic assistance for the most common car problems.

Sometimes, you will also need to purchase new parts for your car if you’re doing a replacement. If you purchase these from an auto parts store online, you will enter your car’s year, make, and model into a form before searching for the part you need. If you’re unsure of the technical name for a part, you can find the part number on the piece in your car, or you can head into a parts store for expert advice.


Anyway, it’s not too difficult a thing unless your car is badly destroyed. Learn about the tool such as Launch CRP 123Launch CRP 123 and have a try!

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Tips on taking care of your cars

Car is one of the largest investments we have made. However, just like the lifetime of human being, some can last longer while others may die at a young age. So does a car. A car’s life depends on many different factors and enhancing it is possible, given that proper care is taken. The knowledge about things/factors which affect the life of a car should be useful for those who are planning on car buying. One of the most important factors is how you take care of it. How often you wash your car? Do you have any car diagnostic tools such asAutel Maxisys MS908
and Autel maxidas DS708.

Then how can we extend the service life of our car? Here’re some suggestions for you!

1. Don’t fill up if you see the tanker

If you happen to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your local gas station, come back another day or go to a different station. As the station’s underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment. Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly necessitating repairs.

2. Go easy when you’re stuck

When stuck in mud or snow, don’t make the problem worse by damaging an expensive component. Gently rocking in an attempt to free the car is fine. But if it looks as though you’re really stuck, don’t keep at it. Throwing your car from forward to reverse repeatedly, as well as spinning tires at high speeds, can generate lots of heat and spell trouble for transmissions, clutches, and differentials. It may be cheaper in the long run to call the tow truck rather than risk big repair bills down the road. It’s a good idea to carry a traction aid in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, or cat litter.

3. Lighten up your key chain

Does your car key share a chain with a dozen or more other keys? That’s a pretty heavy load hanging off the car key when it’s in the ignition. The weight, combined with bouncing while you drive, can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure. To add years of service to your ignition switch, purchase a lightweight key chain that allows you to separate your ignition key from the others. Drive with only the ignition key in your ignition. If your ignition key “sticks” when you try to turn on the car, it’s a warning that your ignition switch is about to fail. Replace it before you get stranded.

4. Choose a good car insurer

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, disaster inevitably strikes — typically in the form of an accident. Make sure that your car will be repaired to the best possible standard by finding an insurer that will pay for parts from the original manufacturer and guarantee the repairs it authorizes.

5. Keep an auto log

Keep a pad and pencil in the glove compartment and use them to record your gas fill-ups and mileage. If you notice that your gas mileage worsens, mention it to your service man. It may be an early warning sign that something is wrong with your car.

6. Preserve your car during long-term storage

If you are not going to use your car for more than a month, store it properly to prevent unnecessary damage and repairs upon your return.

The life expectancy of a car is mostly calculated in terms of miles covered by the automobile. However, range can be different for different vehicles. Average lifespan for a car in general is between 165,000 and 200,000. Despite of this, we can make a lot of efforts to make it longer. The car life expectancy is just a matter of how a person uses it. It is always possible to maximize the lifespan of a car given that the owner takes proper care of it.

Autel maxidas DS708
Autel Maxisys MS908

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Winter can’t start the car need to check the three parts

Why need a car? It is convenient to travel, especially in the winter.

In the cold winter, and when you open the car door smartly, only to discover that the car can’t be started. How is it? It really is a depressing thing.

Diagnostic part one: Battery

Cold weather, winter has come to the northern winter the most direct impact on the owners is difficult to start the car. Under battery power at low temperature will be greater than in other seasons, like the feeling of a lack of electricity in winter than many battery- class people to use the device.

Solution: The battery will be affected by winter temperatures reduce the capacity of making, especially because some owners do not drive a business trip or for a long time cause excessive loss of battery power, start the car when it will not start up, the battery life is usually two years, if maintenance is good battery life can be extended to three years.

If the battery some owners never had the shelf life of the vehicle, there have been such cases, then it can find a friend or 4S shop service personnel through the vehicle battery or other power source for your car battery charged, so after restoring power to the 4S shop for the best look to see if the battery fails to detect.

Diagnostic part two: Exhaust Pipe

Winter Many owners more ” lazy” will drive a short distance to travel, sometimes due to the short distance near the exhaust pipe may be due to hot and cold temperature to produce water vapor, resulting in freezing car emissions exhaust pipe is not smooth start up.


The solution: an auto repair shop technician Master Zhao said that in such cases the solution is very simple, first of all want to solve the problem of frozen exhaust pipe to find a way to let the ice melt such as push the car to a warmer place, or by melting ice thermos exhaust pipe, etc., and then start the car, not with fire exhaust pipes.

If you want to solve this problem, the owner of the best speed to run or open a long time about the car, completely melted by high heat, dry ice and water vapor exhaust inside.


Diagnostic part three: Oil

The car is not for some time, especially in the winter, it is easy to make some of the oil deterioration or freeze blocking the oil in the car, making the engine resistance increases, starting difficulties.

Solution: a vehicle maintenance shop manager, said peak into the winter, the car mainly to the 4S shop to check under their car’s oil is suitable for winter use, it must be promptly replaced.

Outside temperature -30 ℃ e.g. select 5W ~ 40 oil is more appropriate; 10W-30 oil for the external temperature is – 25 ℃ to 30 ℃. Heat and cold performance 5W ~ 40 better than 10W ~ 30, but the price will be relatively higher. Owners can be selected according to the local oil temperature.

You can buy some diagnostic tools to test your car by yourself, such as: Launch CRP129 Creader 8, Autel Maxidiag MD801. It can help you find what’s wrong with your car, save your time and money. If you want know more about car repair information, please click the below site:

Launch CRP129 Creader 8Autel Maxidiag MD801

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