Summer must adjust tire pressure

Summer must adjust tire pressure The weather is hot, strong hands of the riders, they began wondering summer cooling to the car to do the work. Summer tire easily adjust the tire pressure is essential. Recently, a number of riders on the forum, on summer tire pressure should be adjusted to high or low in tone inside the car faithful and uncompromising. More traditional view is that high summer temperatures, pressure thermal expansion and contraction, certainly higher than winter tires, tire heat easily, so it should go lower in tone. May be another point of view, if we lower the tire pressure, tire friction with the ground doubled, tire temperature rises sharply, soft tires, a sharp decline in strength. In this case, if the vehicle at high speed, it could lead to a puncture. So, summer is not only not reduce tire pressure should also be in tune to a higher point. Experts say: tire pressure should be low not high For users argue, the reporter interviewed two experts, Austrian auto senior technician, world-renowned transmission manufacturing company in Germany ZF (mining Corfu) engineer Expert opinion more consistent: summer tire pressure rather low point X431 Diagun 3. Expert told reporters, lower tire pressure, will bring two consequences, one grinding tires, tire life will be shortened; Second, fuel consumption will increase. However, lower tire pressure will reduce the risk of puncture. Since the weather is hot in summer, especially in the high-speed, speed of 100 to 120 yards, the tread temperature will reach 80 ��, even more than 100 ��, the internal pressure will be increased. As for increasing the tire pressure, the only use is to reduce fuel consumption. However, in addition to increasing the tire pressure may puncture, it will also bring a lot of negative factors, such as increasing the braking distance for safe driving disadvantage. So, summer is the only principle tire pressure drop, not rise. Palace technician also believes that the value of car tires tire pressure, generally 2.3 ~ 2.8BAR, just in this range, are safe. However, high summer temperatures, after the car pulled away, the original tire pressure within the normal range may actually rise to 3.0BAR more. Therefore, the summer should be taken within the normal range of low tire pressure tire pressure value, more appropriate between 2.3 ~ 2.5BAR. Two experts have emphasized that if their own car tires older, or have had trauma, should the tire pressure to the low point in the tune. Several Precautions tire pressure – the standard tire pressure values, each vehicle has marked Many beginners are still committed confused: How much is my car tire pressure normal? Where can I find? In addition to the instructions, the vehicle will be marked on the standard tire pressure value allscanner vcx, but to take the time to find it. Most cars will be posted on the cab door; some cars will be on the rear doors; marked in some car fuel tank cap. Their tire pressure should be carefully measured Instructions are stated on many car owners should check the tire pressure once a month. But Palace technician believes that he bought air gauge to measure tire pressure no need. If any tire pressure is low, and generally closer look, you can see it visually. Also need to remind, riders like DIY measuring tire pressure, do not engage in crooked after careful measurements lead to a flat tire valve cores – End tire pressure measured in the professional shop, the staff will help you check guaranteed not to leak gas. Nitrogen filling, meaningful Summer, many riders like to charge some nitrogen tire Riga, their reasons are not easy expansion nitrogen than air, the safety factor is relatively high. Technician believes that nitrogen although indeed better than ordinary air, but do not insist. “Tire did you imagine so delicate, that little bit of tire pressure difference caused by nitrogen, well within the tolerance range of the tire. Sufficient nitrogen for safety is concerned; the psychological effect is greater than the actual effect, but more expensive than the price of a charge air two hundred.” Puncture generally does not pay Some owners think that they bought all risks; the insurance company in case of a puncture will be compensated. In fact, tires are consumables, often not the column compensation. Therefore, the owner usually pays more attention to avoid puncture accidents caused personal and property damage. Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, MaxiDAS DS708 Tool, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website
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