Atomizer, Cartomizer Or Clearomizer- Which One To Go With

Atomizer, Cartomizer Or Clearomizer- Which One To Go With?

The e-liquid consumers in UK with a starter kit find it easy to have all their needed accessories handy. However, the trouble starts when they need to refill their e-cigarette with the new tank. There are too many options for this refill. The most common of these are atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers. This pertains to the confusion among buyers regarding which one to buy? This write-up deals with the individual properties of all the three filling options, and differentiates each from the others to benefit the readers.

The Standard Atomizers: This is the prime component for most of the starter kits which are available in retail stores. An atomizer has the heating coil which heats up to vaporize the e-liquid filled in the electronic cigarette and provides the ‘smoking’ feel. This atomizer usually has higher resistance, since it is meant for the new comers who just switched to e-cigarettes. Higher resistance means the hit felt on the throat due to the e-liquid vaporizing is lesser.

Cartomizers: Cartomizers are similar to the atomizers in function, but differ in manufacturing. These have heating coil and the cartridge in a single unit. Some of the cartomizers have larger e-liquid filler capacity, and sometimes dual coil for better resistance. The resistance of the cartomizer varies greatly between the available options. It can match the resistance of a standard atomizer or can be considerably lower for a strong smoking effect smoke juice. The Cartomizer market is huge with plenty of choices available to customers.

Clearomizers: The clearomizers do not have any filler material. Instead, these have the metal wicks which extend on the tube of the cartridge that houses heating coil. The tube soaks in the e-liquid and carries it down to the heating coil. There are different types of clearomizers. Some have the heating coils on top and some on the bottom of the tube. Plus, the resistance of the clearomizers can greatly vary between two models. There are disposable Clearomizers available as well. Most of the buyers prefer the disposable Clearomizers due to the convenience these offer menthol e juice.

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